Movement of the mattress

A key choice is the mattress type, with regard to how much it moves. We offer 5 main options and they’re described by how long they move for after a gentle ‘sway’ – perhaps use the descriptions below as a guide and we are of course, happy to advise you. All our mattresses are of first quality and carry a 5 year guarantee.

  • Free Flow (16 seconds of movement) – For fun lovers and very deep sleepers.
  •  Semi-waveless (8 seconds movement) – Takes a little getting used to and is wonderful when you do!
  •  Waveless (4 seconds movement) – The most popular mattress, giving ‘just enough’ gentle sway.
  •  Super waveless (2 secs movement) Very steady mattress for light sleepers or if you require minimal motion.
  •  Ultra waveless (1 second movement). Total support with virtually no movement at all.

We also offer a Dual System: 2 mattresses & heaters; Individual comfort on each side and independent heat control.