Our Range

Our very own British designed and manufactured 'Eclipse' is without doubt the most innovative and versatile waterbed available. It’s a beautifully thought out piece of furniture; practical in every way from being quick to assemble when we install it for you, simple to tuck sheets in and make up the bed, easy and incredibly hygienic to clean and most importantly, it’s look is designed entirely by you!

In years to come it will save you money because every visible part of the bed can be replaced in minutes without removing the water (it's true!) so when other beds are finally worn out and need replacing, ours, like this blurb, go on...and on...and on....

The Fabric range

Our most popular bed has a practical sense of style. The 'Shoulder' on this bed is 4" deep which keeps it simple, adds an opportunity for a subtle colour scheme and enables the base to have full depth drawers.

The Wood range

A lovely design option with an opportunity to add a splash of colour and panache to your bed in addition to just dressing it with sheets. Slightly smaller drawers are available - still very handy.

The Leather and Vinyl range

A much deeper shoulder makes a vast difference to the appearance of this bed. Full, sumptuous sides give it a much boxier appearance - drawers can be accommodated in the upholstery too.

The Bespoke range

We design and make all our own beds in-house. On the occasions when a customer approaches us and says "...we were thinking of..." and throws in their own ideas for a frame, we jump! Some of the unique and very specific beds we've done over the years are shown here. Let your imagination run riot!