Sleep and Life Benefits

We spend around one third of our lives in one single place: In Bed!

It should be a place that gives us comfort, warmth, and security. If we can regenerate and refresh ourselves whilst asleep, we will benefit more fully during our waking hours.

At Waterbeds UK, we and our thousands of satisfied customers believe that the best nights' sleep you can get is on one of our waterbeds. They provide an environment for us to enjoy both physical and mental relaxation which means we have less stress, less discomfort and a much improved quality of life.

Trying a bed..?
At Waterbeds UK we are dedicated to establishing relationships with our customers that will give many years of satisfaction both before AND after you buy.
We know that a bed is a major purchase for many people and that you need to feel totally confident that you are making the right decision by choosing a waterbed. So what better way to find out than to try one for a fortnight?
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Your choice of bed.
conventional mattress
Many of us are unaware of what we need to look for when buying a bed. It is a single purchase made once every few years. In between times, we all change: We get older, shed or gain a few pounds! as well as other physical differences, so we should be choosing a bed which can accommodate these changes. Happily, a waterbed does this for you. Contrary to popular belief it is the most versatile and hygienic sleep system known. We ourselves are 80% water and therefore don't need to adapt to the shape of the bed, because the bed adapts to the shape of us!

Your back is not completely flat: the vertebrae are constructed into a series of inter-connecting curves all of which extend outwards and inwards to different degrees, as well as being all of different shapes and sizes. These cannot 'fit' correctly onto a stiff, unyielding orthopaedic mattress which allows gaps to form under the 'inward curves', giving little support and helping to create pressure point.

water-mattressYour waterbed will take into account the EXACT profile of your body, regardless of your size, your weight or the position you sleep in. It accepts that different portions of your body weigh different amounts and yields correctly to both the outward and inward curves of your spinal structure.

To simplify the difference, a sprung bed works as a result of the compression of the mattress in a downward direction, so is dependent upon your weight to give support. A waterbed will naturally compress downwards. However it will also displace upwards too! UP into your neck; UP into the small of your back and UP under your knees, thus giving even support to the whole of your body without any pressure points. At the same time it encourages good blood circulation with its therapeutic warmth. This is because the bed is heated by an entirely safe, economical and controllable thermostat.
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The benefits of a waterbed.
Many conditions - including that of perfect health - will derive benefit from a waterbed, as elements of the medical profession have long acknowledged. A waterbed itself is not a cure for the conditions mentioned but it can provide relief and improve the overall situation thus encouraging the body to heal itself.

Backaches are one condition where this has often proved to be the case, as the argument for a hard bed being ideal for a bad back is losing ground. People with varying severities of backache are finding that a bed which supports your back where the pain exists - such as a waterbed - can be far more beneficial as the diagram demonstrates:-

conventional mattresswater-mattress2

Arthritis sufferers are amongst the people most benefited by a waterbed. All over support reduces the pressure on the major areas of arthritic inflammation. The warmth improves the bloods' circulation and can reduce the localised pain.

Allergenics and asthmatics find that the vinyl surface of the mattress means that no dust, skin particles or bed mites should be present if the mattress is simply wiped over with a damp cloth, so providing a far healthier environment to sleep in.