The ‘Bespoke’ range

Every bed has a story! It’s rare to have the opportunity to personalise your furniture to such a large degree but we only work that way. We’ve only left links to the size and movement of ther mattresses here because the field for design is wide open, as you can see. We’re really happy to visit you to see the situation the bed is to be in – even if it’s currently a buiding site! Our designers are very flexible, thoughtful and inventive and are happy to work with you all the way.

  1. Even our entry level material is of an excellent quality, a discreetly patterned cream damask which blends well with almost anything, is hardwearing and easily cleaned too. It’s a good economic option if your tendency is to have your duvet and bedding draped over the whole bed.
  2. We are associated… (Ross Fabrics bit)
  3. Wood range.
  4. Vinyls.
  5. Leather.