The ‘Jazz’ frame or shoulder

The appearance of your bed will partly depend on your choice of frame or ‘shoulder’. Each of the variations creates a very different look – all of them attractive and workable – it just depends on how you want the final picture to be painted!

‘Jazz’ frame/shoulder.
You may prefer the semi-deep look of the ‘Jazz’ which still gives plenty of room for drawers (only slightly shallower) but makes more of a statement for your chosen fabric which the bed is upholstered in.

The ‘frames’ can be upholstered with any of the following materials and as you’ll see, now it gets interesting.
Firstly, we are associated with a terrific fabric company called Ross Fabrics. A fine Yorkshire tradition of quality and choice means they, and therefore we, can offer the widest range of fabrics available to choose from with which to decorate your bed. You can mix, match, contrast, shade, combine and colour your bed in any way you wish. Follow the link to their site and choose – or look at the samples when you come by.

Our wood range gives a very different appearance to the Eclipse. If your bedroom theme is wood, then look no further – we have natural oak or stained pine as the main timbers but can also get mahogany, beech, ash and many others if required – and it’s solid timber, not veneer! We also offer a painted choice too in sprayed MDF- an entire rainbow of colours to choose from there too.

We have a vibrant and durable range of vinyl’s too – some very ‘out there’ patterns and colours for fun or exotic colour themes, as well as for durability at a lower cost.

Finally our leather range. This is of beautiful, soft quality and although a little more expensive, it has an unsurpassed feel of quality and appearance. Once again, a full range of colours and textures is available.

Many of our customers over the years have wished to retain a solid frame look to their bedrooms and we are happy to be have the ability to manufacture many of these in our own workshops, alongside our soft-side manufacturing operations. Essentially, it comprises of a surround frame which blends with the Eclipse, yet offers a bigger feel to the furniture inside it. We’ve also had many occasions where customers would like a waterbed but also want to retain their existing frame – no problem for us- we tailor our bed to your frame. No need to throw away nice furniture if you’re attached to it.